BBI JU in the media

How BBI JU has built the model for the successful expansion of Europe’s growing bioeconomy
BioMarketInsights, 04 September 2019
Since 2014, the standard-bearer for the development of the bioeconomy in Europe both from a socio-economic and environmental perspective has been the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU). In the past five years, BBI JU has played a crucial role in delivering investment that clearly states the importance and potential of bio-based industries to the future of Europe, and perhaps most crucially helps de-risk projects by providing EU funding and helping mobilise and leverage private investments.
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Trois nouveaux projets pour réduire l'impact de l’alimentation animale
Process Alimentaire, 02 September 2019
FARMYNG, one of the newest BBI JU flagship projects, features as a solution to sustainably produce feed in France. The article also highlights that the project expects to create 1,200 direct and indirect jobs.
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Sam Dilcock celebrates rural life in North Yorkshire
BBC Radio York, 28 August 2019
Interview to researchers of the Biorenewables Development Centre, where the BBI JU AgriMax project beneficiary BioVale is based. They use AgriMax as an example of bio-based innovations related to agricultural waste.
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Feeding the 11 billion: the small Dutch town ending our food crisis
Wired UK, 20 August 2019
The BBI JU MAGNIFICIENT project features in this article covering the different approaches that the Wageningen University and Research (WUR) is adopting to tackle the challenge of feeding the growing global population. The WUR is a beneficiary of 10 BBI JU projects and coordinates the MAGNIFICIENT project, which stars in the Fuelling green growth section of the article.
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Eesti ühe jõukama töösturi firma napsas suure eurotoetuse
Postimees, 06 August 2019
The BBI JU VEHICLE project is building a plant that uses hardwood residues as raw materials, breaking down the pulp into novel biomaterials.
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Affordable and scalable: 3F BIO's 'first-of-its-kind' mycoprotein biorefinery
Food Navigator, 23 July 2019
BBI JU PLENITUDE flagship project will increase the availability of sustainable, high-quality food protein to meet growing global demand.
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The Numbers Don’t Add up for Meat-Free Future, says 3F BIO Founder in €17m Alt Protein Partnership
Agfunder news, 22 July 2019
Our PLENITUDE flagship project will produce a plant-based protein that is 50% more cost-efficient than meat alternatives. It is based on grains and is called mycoprotein.
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Car parts from weeds: The future of green motoring?
BBC NEWS, 19 July 2019
In an article covering different ways of making car manufacturing more sustainable, the BBI JU BIOMOTIVE project features as a positive example. The project is working to reduce the carbon footprint of cars by using bioplastics, which are more sustainable than the fossil-based materials employed so far.
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Eesti esirikas asub ehitama uudset puidutehast
Postimees, 08 July 2019
Graanul Biotech granted the permit to build a wood-based demo plant in Järva, Estonia, as a part of the SWEETWOODS project.
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Final Event marks a next phase for Pilots4U
Agro&Chemistry, 26 June2019
With more than 450 registered open access pilot research facilities and more than 100 participating organizations in 20 countries, the BBI JU Pilots4U project can certainly be called a success. 
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6,3 milioni di euro per la ricerca biobased
GreenPlanner Magazine, 26 June 2019
INGREEN project aims to promote waste and by-products from the agri-food industry and paper mills, transforming them into bio-based ingredients, through sustainable and industrially validated biotechnological processes.
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Al via Ingreen, nuovi prodotti per la bioeconomia
Yahoo Italia, 21 June 2019
INGREEN project aims to produce new high-quality biobased food, feed, cosmetic or pharmaceutical prototypes, more sustainable and more effective than the products on the market today.
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Europe's flourishing bioeconomy
Euronews, 14 June 2019
MetGen is a beneficiary of BIOFOREVERBIOrescueSWEETWOODSUNRAVEL and WoodZymes projects.
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Boosting Europe's bioeconomy
Euronews, 14 June 2019
Interview to Johanna Buchert, Vice-Chair of the BBI JU Scientific Committee and the President and CEO of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE).
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La start-up Ynsect reçoit 20 millions d'euros de la Commission européenne
Les Echos, 11 June 2019
Philippe Mengal:
« Ce projet phare, FARMYNG, va contribuer […] à l'objectif stratégique […] qui est de réduire la dépendance de l'Union européenne vis-à-vis des importations massives de protéines », complète Philippe Mengal, directeur exécutif de l'agence Bio-Based Industries, cité dans le communiqué.
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Ynsect fourmille d’ambitions avec sa ferme de scarabées
Le Figaro, 11 June 2019
Kick-off about the new French flagship project: FARMYNG.
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Alimentation : comment la start-up française Ynsect veut devenir le plus grand producteur d’insectes du monde
franceinfo, 11 June 2019
Interview to the coordinator of FARMYNG project.
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How companies across Europe are creating sustainable products using no fossil fuels
Euronews, 31 June 2019
The work of the BBI JU-funded EXILVA project is featured in a report as an example of bio-based solutions that can substitute oil-based products. Starting from 8’ 44’’, the video shows the biorefinery that this project is using to transform Norwegian spruce into microfibrillated cellulose (MFC).
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Biomass: The Role of Science and Science-Based Policy-Making
REVOLVE, 23 May 2019
The BBI JU is featured as an example of the European Commission commitment to ensure research and innovation in biomass and bioenergy.
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Du plastique créé à partir de biodéchets chez Celabor
VEDIA, 22 November 2018
Bioplastic created from food waste in the BARBARA project.
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